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About Amazon Cookie Pumper 3.3.0 Version


Staff member
Dec 3, 2020

Luckily, we have members like you. After more than 2 years working with Amazon, we have come a long way with you. Success yes, failure yes, but those things are not as important as we always listen to your contributions.

In the 3.3.0 Final version, we are releasing features that are difficult to implement:
  • Blackout Text (text selection)
  • Complete integration with Edge browser
  • Ratio actions (Rate of actions running)
  • History Faker version 3
  • Daily Timer (Timer to pumping)
  • Visit Seller
  • And more ...
We only have 3 hours a day to spend on Amazon Cookie Pumper. Instead, we have a lot of projects still on the way. Shortly, we will create a private group for members who use the software to share the knowledge that we and you know.
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